Tag: Memories

How Pinkie Got Into Anime

Hello there Island Guests, by the time I am writing this it is a nice toasty 30 degrees Celsius out there, the water is great and I might have a slight case of heat stroke! So rather than giving you a deep and insightful dip into what anime […]

My Geeky “Firsts”

I originally wanted to talk about board games with you today.. but then I realised those aren’t really relevant right now.. So I was beginning to crack my poor brain to stuff in my past that I could use for a blog!  Before I could even start I […]

My Own Pokemon Game

As part of the memorial week, I think back on when me and my sister tried to come up with our own pokémon game at my grandpa’s old place. For a bunch of kids it wasnt even THAT bad… just the drawings.. and I remade those for you to enjoy.