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Trainer Profile: My Grandpa

Greetings little Watsons.  Today’s blog post will close of the series of tributes I make to my grandfather. Because Detective Pinkie’s blogs always take a lot of time and effort to make I had to seek out a format that fitted the theme of our grand detective but […]

My Own Pokemon Game

As part of the memorial week, I think back on when me and my sister tried to come up with our own pokémon game at my grandpa’s old place. For a bunch of kids it wasnt even THAT bad… just the drawings.. and I remade those for you to enjoy.

Top 5: Floral Pokemon

In loving memory of my grandfather I reminisce about some memories if him and his pride. The garden he kept for most of my youth.Theming the top 5 of this after something that was always very important to him flowers and plants. In my case, they just become Pokémon.