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Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Bug-Types

Super effective against  the psychic type we discussed last week are the creepy crawlies. The bug type! A typing that oftenly is considered the weakest type, which in actuality is the ice type.  While the Bug knows quite a few lackluster Pokémon , probably the lowest base stat […]

Top 5: Dark Type Pokémon

Konichiwa Mina! It’s time for another top 5! So many more pokémon list to make, so many more pokémon to gush about! Recently I started listing my favorite 5 pokémon of all types. I started with the normal type and now it’s time for the second list. As […]

Pinkie’s Evil Pokémon Team

With Galar’s Team Yell and with Alola’s Team Skull we twice in a row had .. not so evil evil teams. Team Magma and Team Aqua weren’t all THAT evil either. Team Rocket , Team Plasma, Team Flare and most of all Team Galactic were pretty evil though.  […]