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Top 5: Galar Pokémon

Pokémon Sword and Shield has been out now for a while, but I needed quite a bit longer to finally complete my pokedex. Now that, that is done it is time to rank them. Which ones do I love the most. To keep the feelings of as many […]

My first day in Galar

Hello Island-guests. Today it is time for a new blog, and of course we will be talking about Pokémon. A diary of my characters journeys across Galar. This will mean some spoilers for the Sword and Shield games, although most of what is revealed in this first installment […]

Norse Mythology in Pokémon

In an attempt to deduce the mystery after the third legendary for the Galar region detective Pinkie reviews some evidence of old cases. Reviewing how norse mythology had been used in the past, we find a pattern that may be able to find the identity of this last mysterious monster!