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Pinkie’s Evil Pokémon Team

With Galar’s Team Yell and with Alola’s Team Skull we twice in a row had .. not so evil evil teams. Team Magma and Team Aqua weren’t all THAT evil either. Team Rocket , Team Plasma, Team Flare and most of all Team Galactic were pretty evil though.  […]

What if Ash Started With Eevee (Part 2)

In the second part of what if Ash started with Eevee we see him meeting Team Rocket for the first time. However due to the slower pace they move this meeting is not in the Pokémon Center like in the anime and slowly but surely we see Ash his path diverge from that of the original timeline. Find out if Ash can keep his Eevee safe and discover the mysteries of the Rainbow Feather (which we do not call the rainbow wing because it’s a feather..not a wing

Fairy-Type Tales: The Little Popplio

A Pokemon’s rendition of the little mermaid. Popplio is crazy about the human world and wants nothing more than a trainer to call it’s master. After a falling out with her father though Popplio finds out the way to her dreams is one bleep of a rocky road.