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Trainer Profile: My Grandpa

Greetings little Watsons.  Today’s blog post will close of the series of tributes I make to my grandfather. Because Detective Pinkie’s blogs always take a lot of time and effort to make I had to seek out a format that fitted the theme of our grand detective but […]

Pokémon Gadgets for A Pokémon Detective

Princess Pinkie picked on me for not being the best detective I could ever be!
She ranked Batman on number one when determining the best detective and now wont stop pestering me unless I become more like him! So I went on the search for gadgets for my utility belt. I hope this works so I can be the pinkest detective out there!

Norse Mythology in Pokémon

In an attempt to deduce the mystery after the third legendary for the Galar region detective Pinkie reviews some evidence of old cases. Reviewing how norse mythology had been used in the past, we find a pattern that may be able to find the identity of this last mysterious monster!