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A Sunny Sunday: The Sunshine Blogger Award

I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award , I turned it into this Sunday Special. The Pink Poké News will be featured on monday.
Professor Pinkie’s Pokédex will be on hiatus this week but we might give her an extra post during the week itself. Enjoy my questionnaire until then.

ex will be on hiatus for a week.

Top 5: Favorite Poketubers

in this blog Princess Pinkie talk’s about some of her favorite pokémon based youtubers. Very different forms of content from all of them , so much to love.
Be like the princess because as always she is right and has excellent tastes! So check these out.

My wonderful world of Pokémon

Hello there my little monsters!I would like to welcome you on my blog and to the wonderful world of Pokémon. You can call me Pinkie… or Professor Cherryblossom if you prefer.And that little thingy on the picture next to me? That is a Pokémon.Some people use Pokémon for […]