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My Favorite Isekai: Konosuba

Today I shall talk to you about my favorite Isekai show. To be fair I have only gotten into the genre fairly recently so there is plenty I missed out on but among all the Isekai I have seen so far there still is a clear cut winner […]

My Favorite Shonen: Hunter x Hunter

When I started anime, I only know Shonen, I never knew there were different genre. I thought Sailor Moon belonged in the same genre as well. After all, transformations, fighting evil brightly coloured attacks. It all felt the same. It did not matter to me because I loved […]

Trolling with a bludgeoning Angel

Welcome again island guests. As anime fans I am sure you oftenly get questions about you hobbies. These people asking questions can ask you various questions some more sincere than others. “If I were to try anime, what would you recommend” is most likely one of the ones […]