Hello dear guest. Welcome to Pinkie’s Paradise. My tropical resort for geeks , nerds , otakus weeaboos and  other lovers of the content that is usually associated with these words. So take a tropical drink, sit by the pool or the Mario Tennis Court (we don’t have an actual tennis court, just a big tv on some gravel as we don’t actually play sports here) and enjoy your stay in Paradise. 

 The Hostess of Paradise

Let us begin with a little bit about me , by the time I am writing this I am a thirty three your old person identifying as a female, that is (only mildly) attracted to other females, preferring the prefixes she/her. Other preferences go to the colour pink, geeky stuff, and cutesy things.
I have a muscle-disorder which gives me a weaker heart than most as well as some difficulty moving and on bad days speaking..As a result I am a bit of a NEET! I am a mostly fun NEET though! Twice a week I host D&D or sorta like tabletop games as DM of A D&D 5th , a Pokémon and a contemporary any fantasy and anime  goes setting. (Pokémon and 5th alternate each other on thursdays). One day I hope to get a pet duck and to make a dream trip to Tokyo Japan where I want to visit the pokémon café to drink a Mew Fluffy Marshmallow Drink. I also hope to find a connection with the international geek community here! So let’s be friends!

The Pool of Paradise

So what is this blog about?  While I am basing this blog this blog on five pillars of what makes me a geek in my mind how can we encapsulate the idea behind this blog?  I guess this blogs is about me and my reactions to our favorite forms of pop culture. Rather than clean cold analytical reviews that would be a lot more helpful to determine if this anime or movie is for you, this will be the story of my experience. This can be as simple as telling you why I do not like Code Geass to me taken life lessons from the original Star Wars Trilogy. I will tell you why I like a certain pokémon or my deeper thoughts about being a geek, or even a human being at times. The biggest benefit of me blogging this way is that I will never be wrong. Just because I dislike something or really enjoy it doesn’t mean that the subject in question factually possesses those qualities or gripes I attribute to them. The pool of Paradise is my mind so while I do hope you join us for a swim please refrain from peeing inside the pool with spiteful comments or crude comments.  This place will be a place of positivity. While I can take some constructive criticism, hateful comments will all be removed and whether I will do something with the criticism will be a surprise..so even if you hate me subscribe and see if I follow your advice!

The Bar of Content

 So how do I give you a taste of Pinkie? Lots of fruity cocktails! And they are all pink! The whole pink thing is a brand thing, I am sure you have noticed. It’s a symbol of identity in more ways than one for me. So expect to see that a lot throughout the blog.Flavorwise the colour of this blog will also be pink.I will tell about the not so fun aspects of my life, which closely tie in to why Pink is important to me but there will be also a lot of cute and innocent things. Call it a mix of Moe, reality and pink paint.. sometimes paint fumes as well. Back to the fruity cocktails these comes in five different flavors for sorts of content.

The Movieto

Horror movies are the rum in this cocktail. Sci Fi is the (crushed) mint with a bit of sugary romancy stuff and the tangy zippy taste of limey comedy. Sometimes we also look at other sugary stuff such as Disney stuff, so tastes may very. I do tend to stick to american made rum though, with on occasion a japanese brand. I am not big on reviewing foreign films or really artsy stuff. I do not like pretentious stuff or to heavy hearted movies. The King’s Speech, the Godfather and movies that depict the live of Rembrandt (the dutch painter)  through animated oil paintings, are something I will never be able to appreciate. Imagine movies as if having a colour, anything that is bright or black and white (those match well with pink) Grey, Brown or other muddy tints I stay away from! I am a simple girl, if you think I’d dislike a movie.. I probably will. I am a predictable shade of pink

The Poké Colada

Smart people who looked at the web address have already seen that this used to be a Pokémon only website. Yet part of the reason I blog was to start discussing with people , to find a community. The In depth pokémon community is a bit smaller than one had anticipated so I rebranded and made this into a delicious cocktail. With the Coconut Liquor that is the biggest media franchise in the world and the pineapple juice that is my mind. I still dream of one day visiting the pokémon café in tokyo and having a Mew Fluffy Marshmallow Drink. Until I make enough money for a trip to actually go there you will see me fantasie about the world of pokémon a lot. Both on the battling side as the casual side of things. Have a taste.

The Game Tonic

The gin of adorable games is often found in my blood as I enjoy this cocktail myself on a fairly regular basis. Be it tabletop games or video games it’s all the same in this tonic. This cocktail is enjoyed best if you don’t take yourself to serious and preferably do not LOVE fortnight. There might be a few cheap shot glasses worth of jokes in these posts about it.  I am hardly a competitive game. I prefer cute single player games, platformers, adventure and puzzle games. Expect me to play a lot of classic JRPG’s but never an MMO, unless they make pokémon online. Any game that has shouty people .. or trolly people over teamspeak and I am out. The Game Tonic can be enjoyed with drinks but it’s mostly a drink that can be enjoyed alone! Which is good! Because I got a LOT of loners among my readers.

The Anime Spritz

Yes.. Aperol and Anime was the closest I could think of when making up this pun. It works even though I don’t really get what an Aperol actually is, it can be kinda refreshing in a bitter way.  I am not the type that will be talking about each episode of a series nor will go in depth about the art style unless it’s really unique or atrocious, like those first few episodes of Dragon Ball Super. While I will review anime and give them my grade but usually I will try to add a little twist and my own little analogies to it. Otherwise I would just add bubbly water and well that’s kinda boring! I do prefer some cute anime but there is still plenty left for me to see, so if you know a cute anime let me know! 

The Martin-Me

No my name is not Martin, this cocktail is a Martini about me..it’s clever and witty! Laugh! This cocktail will contain most blogger tags, involve most of my personal things and basically anything that is about being a geek that doesn’t belong in the other categories. Cosplay,  figurines, plushies, collectables and merry outings. You can find out about my history, which is shaken..not stirred and my mind, which is way to bubbly for an official Martini but oh well at least this cocktail will be full of surprises and taste totally different each time you try it. It just always will be pink! Like me!
Reviews will be fairly subjective, in which I award them one of five flavors. From Mang-No to Starfruit, the puns are strong in this rating system. I bet you can figure out what means what. 

Staying in Paradise

Paradise is a place for everyone! A place for everyone to be themselves and just enjoy themselves. Our guest bungalows are richly equipped with the best imaginary stuff you can imagine. Are you looking to get more out of your stay in paradise than there is always possibilities for that.  If you want to join the team, if you are an artist and want me to show of some of your art, if you want to do a collaboration or just have some fun and suggest a topic you are more than welcome to do so. How do you do it? Well we do have a contact page, but truth be told. I get a LOT of emails on that page for all the amazing blogs I subscribed to so things might get lost in the sea of messages. So if you want to reach the pinkest blogger on wordpress with her own tropical island that exists only in her imagination?
Well you are in luck! We have a new receptionist…. it’s me! But you can reach me at a NEW email.  So for all your socialising, suggestions and stuffsies!


Currently I received 0 emails on this address, which email number will you get?!
Find out!

Resort Guidelines

While I welcome everyone at Paradise there are a few short rules I should go over.

-Paradise is welcoming to everyone but I expect guests to be respectful to other guests all the time. We are all geeks so don’t attack others in the comments. Their opinion  , like yours is just an opinion and not a fact. We are entitled to our opinion our own way to identify ourselves or whatever makes us us. Live and let live! If you chase people away, you will be chased away yourself.. poetic!

-No grammar police. I am a non native English speaker and I know my English is not perfect and I work hard on it to improve this. Comments that just are a bitchy remark that correct a sentence do not add to the atmosphere of blogging. Feel free to explain a grammar rule if I break it to often and phrase it like a learning experience if you must, heck even make a joke about a weirdly typed word is fine if it’s not the only thing you comment about. Show me you instead of just replacing a line of my blog with a grammatically correct counterpart. Comments like those will be removed.

– No overzealous Social Justice warriors. I will never write a post to insult anyone, if I call something a spokesman that doesn’t mean I degrade you as a woman. If I say I like Dragon Ball Z , that doesn’t make me an anti feminist. Whatever opinion I may coin it is never because I want to belittle you.  I am sorry if one of my opinions causing you to feel bad but in the end this blog is meant to represent me. Anyone asking me to walk on eggshells will find my sympathy but lets respect each others voice and trust we mean well. 

– Stick to english in the comments. While I am indeed dutch I will not reply or post any Dutch comments nor german, or french. While I can sorta reply to the latter two as well I want to keep the comments as inclusive for everyone as possible. If you can read my blog you can read and probably write english, other bloggers might be just as interested in what you have to say as I am. Inclusion! Email me for contact in other languages. Yay!

Now that we have discussed everything, all I have left to say is Welcome To Paradise. Please enjoy your stay! We hope you have an amazing time.